1. To become a member, an applicant must fill out the registration form and submit it through proper channel to the College Librarian
  2. The Library is primarily for the use of students, faculty, officers, non-teaching employees of the College.
  3. On special request, Students, Research Scholars and Faculty of other Institutions can also avail the Library facilities for a shorter period for academic purposes with written permission of the Principal of the College.
  4. The privilege of borrowing books from the Library is restricted to registered library members only.
  5. The books are issued to the students for (14) days, if not in demand may be renewed at the direction of the librarian. A fine of Rs. 1.00 per day will be collected for a book kept beyond the due date.
  6. Loose issues and bound volumes of periodicals are not for issue.
  7. Three books for the UG students and Two Books for the H.S. Students will be issued against production of Library Borrower's Card issued by the Library.
  8. The Borrower's Card of Students will remain valid for the period mentioned on the Borrower's Cards and must be renewed in time.
  9. The College Librarian reserves the right to recall any book from any Library member at any time.
  10. Library members are responsible for the safe custody of the Library Borrower's Card issued to them.
  11. Tampering with the entries/records on the Library Borrower's Card can render library membership liable to suspension.
  12. Library members must not cause any disturbance or engage in any behavior which interferes with Library activities.
  13. Library members must not carry lethal weapons or other potentially dangerous items inside the Library.
  14. Stern action will be initiated against Library members found using MOBILE PHONE inside the library.
  15. Loss of Library Borrower's Card should be reported to the Circulation Section and immediately.
  16. Duplicate Library Borrower's Card will be issued after one week from the date of application on payment of Rs. 25/-.
  17. In case of loss of a book by the borrower he/she shall either replace the book or bear its cost. If the book is out of print, it may be replaced with a bound photocopy as per library specifications.
  18. Library members must not mutilate library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing binding or in any other way damage or deface library materials.
  19. Any damage or missing pages detected in a book must be reported to the staff before borrowing the same, failing which the borrower shall be held responsible for the damage/mutilation.
  20. The College Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or disrupting the peaceful Library atmosphere.
  21. The Library membership of any member found tearing pages or caught while.
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